The Port Authority of Baleares has issued an Order pursuant to a Resolution of 5 March 2018 which limits certain “noise” activities on board yachts and cruise ships berthed in ports of the Islands.

Pursuant to this Order, the playing of music or generation of noise on board yachts or cruise ships is prohibited from 00:00 to 09:00. The Spanish Noise Act (37/2003 of 17 November) defines noise or environmental noise as the presence of any sound or vibration, which origins or implies, inconvenience, risk or damage to persons in exercising their activities or for goods of any nature, or that cause significant effect in the environment.

The Port Authority can, in exceptional circumstances, issue exemptions for extraordinary events.

The applicable sanctioning regime envisages fines of up to 60.000 Euros of which the owner, master or even the ship’s agent might be jointly and severally liable.