A few months after its entry into force, the Spanish Shipping Act has been amended. The Sixth Final Provision of Act 9/2015, dated 25th May, on urgent insolvency-related measures, modifies several provisions of the Spanish Shipping Act – Act 14/2014, dated 24th July, on Maritime Navigation (Official State Gazette N. 125, dated 26th May, 2015). This amendment affects primarily to the inscription of ships under construction; it shall not be mandatory for the shipbuilding contract to be notarised in a public deed when it is to be registered at the Register of Moveable Assets; in order for a ship mortgage to be validly constituted, it may also be granted in a policy executed before a Notary Public. The provisions subject to modification are 68, 109, 118 and 128. This amendment shall entry into force on 27th May, 2015. Link to Act 9/2015