Desayuno CME

This morning the working breakfast of the Spanish Maritime Cluster was attended by the Deputy and Spokesman of the Public Works Commission of the Popular Group, Mr. Andrés José Ayala Sánchez. He presented the strategic lines of the Partido Popular policies for next legislature regarding transport and infrastructures and, in particular, those related to the maritime sector.

To such meeting, where an ample representation of entities and organisations related to the maritime sector was present, our partners Eduardo Albors and Javier Galiano attended on behalf of the Firm, as member of the Spanish maritime Cluster.

After the opening carried out by the President of the Spanish Maritime Cluster, Alejandro Aznar Sainz, the Spokesman of the Public Works Commission of the Popular Group detailed the envisaged actions by the Partido Popular regarding transport and infrastructures.

With regard to legal matters, the Spokesman of the Popular Group referred to the need of continuing the development of the Spanish Shipping Act in order to resolve certain problems, especially those regarding civil and trade liability.

During the round of questions, and in response to Eduardo Albors, Andrés José Ayala Sánchez manifested that he understands that his party cannot be committed to the implantation of a specialised jurisdiction for maritime matters, but that they do contemplate the increase in number of Mercantile Courts so that the actual collapse situation can be overcome and maritime matter are dealt with in reasonable terms.