ALBORS GALIANO PORTALES provides a full range of advice and assistance on both in the full range of contracts and casualties, but also before the Spanish Maritime Authorities.

In contractual disputes, the Firm advises on international sale contracts; contracts of affreightment; time and voyage charter parties; carriage of goods by sea under bills of lading (in particular, loss of cargo and cargo damage); freight forwarding contracts; carriage of passengers; pilotage and towage contracts; port operations and ship agency contracts. Further, the Firm advises in all aspects of ship finance, including sale, purchase, leasing, flagging, registration, mortgages, including overseas registration are also within our area of expertise.

The Firm also advises in the drafting of COA’s, charterparty contracts, contracts for sale of goods and services; contracts for shipbuilding and ship finance; freight-forwarding agreements.

In terms of wet shipping and casualty work, ALBORS GALIANO PORTALES advises on collisions; salvage; groundings and wreck removal; general average; personal injury, limitation of liability, marine and environmental pollution both in Spain and abroad through its correspondents. The Firm also provides professional advice on the investigation and prosecution of maritime and documentary fraud.

The Firm also advises on Administrative Disciplinary Proceedings, particularly those arising from marine pollution; on public tenders, licenses and authorisations for ports and terminals, and public liability proceedings.

The Firm also offers legal advice and dispute resolution on yachting and motorboat navigation; yacht and motorboat sale; purchase and finance; casualties, insurance and civil liability arising thereof.