The procedural experience of our lawyers in all our areas of specialization allows us to intervene, in defense of our clients, in all types of legal proceedings and before all jurisdictions and instances of the Courts of Justice in Spain, including the formalization and/or defense of Extraordinary Appeals for Procedural Violation and Cassation before the Supreme Court, and the Amparo Appeal before the Constitutional Court.

We also attend to the resolution of disputes before Arbitration Courts, either in institutional Arbitrations or, ad hoc, advising on the formalization and initiation of Arbitration, arbitration proceedings and subsequent execution of the Award. Likewise, the Firm is committed on many occasions to civil and commercial mediation as an effective way of resolving disputes.

We act in foreign jurisdictions, directly or through foreign correspondents, facilitating the client’s control and diagnosis of the dispute and, in general, accessibility to the case in question. Likewise, adoption of precautionary measures, so necessary and convenient in the maritime and insurance sector, both to guarantee judicial or arbitral decisions, Spanish and foreign.

  • Preventive seizure of ships.
  • Securing of litigious assets.
  • Actions for the deposit and sale of goods and merchandise.
  • Foreclosure of ship mortgages.
  • Constitution of Limitation of Liability Funds.

We also provide advice in relation to the recognition and enforcement in Spain of foreign judicial or arbitral decisions.