We cover virtually all areas of insurance and reinsurance.  The Firm is widely known for its successful intervention in numerous cases of great complexity in recent years in connection with shipping incidents, with the concurrence of prestigious insurers, operators and shipyards of reference.

In the field of marine insurance, we attend all areas of this specialty, with an agile and effective response. We excel in applying the applicable legal principles for the successful resolution of the cases our clients entrust to us.

  • Marine insurance (hull and machine, freight and disbursements).
  • Protection and indemnity insurance.
  • FD&D.
  • Cargo insurance.
  • Maritime liability insurance.
  • Advice and settlement of disputes.
  • Advice on the drafting of policies.

In the field of non-maritime insurance and reinsurance we offer all kinds of services, in particular:

  • Advice on the drafting of insurance and reinsurance contracts.
  • Investigation, processing and settlement of claims, both material damage, loss of profits, and civil liability (Operation, employer, product, professional, medical, environmental, financial).
  • Advice on expert procedures.
  • Advice on third party processes.
  • Actions to challenge expert opinions, control and payment of compensation.
  • Preparation of settlements.
  • Defence of the insurer and the insured against claims brought by third parties.
  • Recovery actions and indemnity procedures. Consignment of indemnities.
  • Regulatory actions before the Directorate General of Insurance.

Our services also include expert advice for the analysis of clauses and conditions, coverage disputes between policyholders and insurers, or between insurers and reinsurers, mediation in private insurance and tax representation for foreign insurance companies wishing to operate in the Spanish market.