On 30 March 2023, the XIII Seminar of the Spanish Association Average Adjusters (AELA) was held in Madrid, marked by an emotional tribute to the late Jaime McPherson, Ángel Mariano, Juan Antonio Parra and Ángel Bautista.

The conference included various presentations on, among other topics, new developments in the field of General Average and the fraud in transport insurance. In the round table on “certificación pública de expedientes de derecho marítimo“, chaired by Manuel Alba, Jorge Llovo, lawyer of the firm, spoke about the letter of protest, a public document with a long tradition in maritime law. Jorge Llovo’s speech focused on highlighting the historical value of the letter of protests and analyzing their legal significance from a practical point of view in the current regime of the Spanish Shipping Act.

After the presentations, Javier Portales was appointed vice-president of the association at the Ordinary General Assembly of AELA. The firm also received a recognition for its support to the association on the occasion of its sixty-fifth anniversary