Last 25th June, the lunch on occasion of ANAVE’s annual meeting took place in the Ritz Hotel in Madrid. During the event, Mr. Alejandro Aznar took over from Mr. Adolfo Utor as President of the Association for the next three years. In his farewell speech, Mr. Adolfo Utor gave his view on the current situation of the Spanish fleet or Spanish owned interests, and requested again from the Authorities the attention this sector needs in order to regain its rightful place. Vicente Boluda was awarded with the Carus prize, which he dedicated mainly to the members of his Corporation for helping making it possible. Major Spanish Administration representatives attended the event such as the President of Puertos del Estado and the General Director of the Merchant Marine, different members of ANAVE and a great number of personalities from the maritime sector. Eduardo Albors, Javier Portales and Javier Galiano were also present at this key event of the shipping sector.