“Chartering in the Med: the latest Fiscal and Customs news”, conference leaded by Miguel Ángel Serra at the MYBA Charter Show 2019

Our partner Miguel Ángel Serra leaded the breakfast conference organized by SOS Yachting last May 1 at the MYBA charter show held in Barcelona under the title “Chartering in the Med: the latest Fiscal and Customs news”. The conference took place in the Crew lounge area of OneOcean Club and the main issues discussed were [...]


Debate on the taxation of the Nautical Industry in Europe at the Executive Committee meeting of the EBI, with the participation of Miguel Angel Serra and Carlos Sanlorenzo in representation of the Law Firm

As part of the Cannes Yachting Festival, the EBI (European Boating Industry) held an Executive Committee meeting last September 12 where the main challenges in taxation facing the Nautical Industry in Europe were addressed. Miguel Ángel Serra and Carlos Sanlorenzo highlighted the need to strengthen the representation of the Nautical Industry in Brussels through a [...]


“Yacht charter” Training Course organised by the Spanish Maritime Institution, with our Partner Eduardo Albors and our Senior Associate Carlos Sanlorenzo as lecturers

The Spanish Maritime Institution (IME) together with the Spanish Maritime Trade Association (ANEN), the Spanish Association of Mega Yachts (AEGY) and the Maritime Trade Association of Baleares (AENIB), organizes a training course on yacht charters, which will take place in Palma de Mallorca (Club de Mar) from 24 to 28 October 2016. Our Partner Eduardo Albors and [...]


Javier Portales and Carlos Sanlorenzo to join the panel discussion in the IV NAUTICAL CONFERENCE: “New forms of consumption. Legal and tax framework”

The emergence of new forms of consumption increasingly widespread in our economy requires to discuss the current “legal and tax framework” in which they develop. The panel discussion, which will take place on 9th March, will shed light on this topic in the event of the IV Nautical Conference, hosted by ANEN, which will be [...]


El funcionamiento de los puertos y las marinas

José Manuel González Pellicer. El funcionamiento de los puertos y las marinas. Ponencia en el Congreso Iberoamericano sobre Embarcaciones de recreo, el mercado y la navegación. Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Marítimo. Málaga. Junio 2004.

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